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How Scratch Baked Was Born

Welcome to Scratch Baked, where our journey begins with a passion for delicious indulgence and a commitment to unparalleled quality.

Our story traces back to 2005 when our founder embarked on a mission to bring a level of taste and excellence rarely seen in the realm of cannabis-infused treats. With a culinary background dating back to the 1990s, our founder’s heart has always been firmly rooted in the art of creating delectable flavors.

In 2017, a big move led to an even bigger dream – the construction of a bakery that was more than just an enterprise; it was a tribute to the culinary craft. And then, in 2018, serendipity met purpose when the city of Baldwin Park opened its doors to the world of cannabis. The timing couldn’t have been more profound.

A personal journey added a deeper layer to our pursuit. In 2018, our founder’s father was diagnosed with cancer. 

Love and a deep desire to help his father led him to the world of cannabinoids and their potential benefits. 

Our founder began baking CBD and THC treats to help his father on his healing journey in managing pain and anxiety. Fast forward to today, and we’re thrilled to share that his father is cancer-free.

What Makes Scratched Baked Special

Scratch Baked not just for the cannabis connoisseurs; we’re for anyone who loves food as much as we do. We’ve ensured our portions are generous, satisfying hunger and needs with every bite. Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We adhere to international standards for quality assurance, a feat yet unmatched in the cannabis world.

In a world where regulations can be hazy, we stand out. We offer cleanliness standards that rival the most stringent norms, full traceability with vendor records, and certificates of authenticity that guarantee transparency.

From our humble beginnings to this exciting journey, Scratch Baked isn’t just a bakery; it’s a commitment to taste, quality, and the incredible potential of cannabinoids. Join us as we continue to redefine what cannabis-infused treats can be.

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